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How Apple Pay Plans To Bump You To The Front Of The Line At Starbucks

The Apple Watch is expected to roll out in early 2015 but that isn’t stopping Impekable UI designers from mocking up potential new experiences that are designed to excite consumers once the timepiece is out to the public.

"Our concept was to re-envision how Apple Watch could enhance the Starbucks customer experience by providing an even better way to order rather than standing in a long line,” Pek Pongpaet, founder of Impekable, tells Cult of Mac. “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could just go grab a table, order one of my usual drinks, pay for it using Apple Pay or my Starbucks card and get notified when my drink is ready – all from my phone without leaving the comfort of my seat?"

Pek also notes, “Phones are very intimate, but watches and wearables can be even more intimate requiring less interaction because you don’t have to have it out – it’s on your wrist.” With that, Pek’s team has been trying to find ways to create these intimate experiences on the Apple Watch. And to help other designers get their ideas off the ground, they rolled out a free WatchKit design template, which has become a huge resource on Dribbble.

Impekable was also behind the Starbucks Apple Watch app concept for CapitolOne’s recent WatchKit hackathon.

Although the concept is eye-catching, there’s one major flaw: Starbucks does not support the Apple Pay solution and is pretty adamant about not ditching its own loyalty card and mobile payments platform.

While the Apple Watch SDK does not support fully featured applications like his yet, Pek says this isn’t stopping his from dreaming big.



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