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Innovating ERP With Analytics

Panaya is launching a new product called CloudQuality Suite, a  SaaS package that provides data for  changes in ERP systems. From day-to-day changes to the most complicated upgrades, Panaya’s new product aims at giving managers and advanced looks at where the pressure points are and what their best remediation strategies will be.

“Panaya adds an unprecedented level of agility to ERP systems, allowing IT teams to be more responsive to the business side of their organization. We are the first company in the world to deploy big data analytics and insights to the ERP ecosystem any changes to enhance and maintain their enterprise apps without skipping a beat,” explains Panaya CEO Doron Gerstel.

CloudQuality  works with the technology ERP managers are already using, as an entirely SaaS application it requires not hardware upgrade.

“Panaya is sitting on a gold mine of ERP big data. Since 2008, Panaya has aggregated 7.5 billion lines of code, five billion transactions, 25,000 customer systems and thousands of projects. Panaya infuses this data into your ERP change project, and the result is actionable insights that transform your cumbersome ERP system into an agile ERP system.”

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