PayPal Here Announces Newest Update

PayPal Here, PayPal’s app for merchants, has released its newest update focused on making merchants’ user experience easier.  The new app, which is out for both iPhone and Android, boasts a redesigned look and a series of performance updates.

“Today, we’re announcing an update to our PayPal Here app so that merchants can continue to spend less time worrying about getting paid and more time focusing on their business and customers,” Jill Rose, Director, Small Business Marketing, PayPal wrote on the company’s blog.

Among new features, PayPal Here’s now allows customers to make a purchase at any point in their visit to a merchant, not just at the end, build merchandise lists and streamline transactions by making things like receipts electronic and customizable.

The updated app comes out as an internal survey of merchants confirms that merchants using PayPal Here report a uptick in sales and profitability.


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