PayPal Rolls Out One Touch Payments

PayPal has unveiled a new mobile app feature that lets shoppers pay with a single touch to their screens. The feature, dubbed One Touch, will also be available for mobile apps of PayPal-accepting merchants, according to Re/Code.

The new feature, with was announced on Tuesday (Aug. 19), uses technology from startup Braintree, which PayPal parent eBay acquired in 2013.

Using One Touch, the first time a shopper makes a purchase using a participating app, the shopper will be redirected to the PayPal app to authorize payment information. After that, the shopper will only press the "buy" button to complete the purchase without having to enter a user name, password or payment information again.

One Touch evolved out of Venmo Touch, a similar one-touch option developed by money-transfer service Venmo that was integrated into apps that ran on Braintree's payment system, Re?code reported.

But it also resembles Amazon's 1-Click, a single-click purchase system that the e-commerce giant patented in 1999. Amazon sued Barnes & Noble for patent infringement in 2002 and licensed 1-Click to PayPal, Apple and other online merchants.

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