ProtonMail/PayPal Dustup Circles The BTC Wagons

Earlier this week, discussed how PayPal froze the account of ProtonMail, a secure email startup. While PayPal explained the incident as a “technical problem,” ProtonMail is not reassured, according to recent reports.

As reported by Threat Post, ProtonMail had raised $300,000 in funding in just a few weeks, but other companies have crowdsourced more money before, and some have even raked in close to $1 million through PayPal.

The news source received a comment from PayPal on the matter:

“We have contacted ProtonMail today to solve this and can confirm that ProtonMail is able to receive or send funds through PayPal again,” the spokesman said, “We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

Even though the company regained access to its funds, ProtonMail is encouraging would-be users to donate via credit card or bitcoin. This approach was taken while the account was frozen as well.

The news source pointed out that just last fall, PayPal stated that it would overhaul its policies and work harder to verify each campaign. The new process would includes PayPal engaging with crowdfunding campaign owners to understand their goals and to “ensure their campaigns are compliant with policies and government regulations.”

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