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Tablelist Launches In Manhattan and Vegas

Good news for travelers to New York or Sin City--Boston-based service Tablelist is coming to town to bring VIP status at the club to anyone with a credit card, smart phone and the will to party like a rockstar. Tablelist is an Android or iOS supported app that lets consumers to browse through a list of available priced tables at the hotspots in their location and book them as they peek their interest.

Once in the club, Tablelist patrons have no need to reach for their wallet while popping bottle--much like ridesharing service Uber, Tablelist runs the tab through the app. Also, by allowing bottles for to be pre-selected and by splitting the check among guests long before the actual drinking commences, Tablelist even helps users avoid drunken arguments about the proper division of the bill when it is time to roll-out.

Merchants like Tablelist because it allows them to fill empty tables at an almost up-to-the-minute pace. Users can reserve tables anywhere from 30 minutes to seven days before actually hitting the town. The service also has a built in loyalty component by allowing users to accrue points that can be traded in for "everything from free Uber rides and bottles of champagne, to hotel rides, a table-side visit from an Oompa Loompa and a private jet ride,” reports Bostino.

There are no reports as of yet where their supply of Oompa Loompas comes from.



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