MasterCard’s Multitasking Parking Meter

While most cities across the U.S. are still upgrading from quarter-fed parking meters to suave card-swiping machines, Las Vegas has gone a step ahead with its new SaaS-enabled coupon printing parking meters.

The interactive parking meters, which are currently installed on 16 spots at the Container Park, a new retail location in Las Vegas, offer printable coupons from local participating stores and restaurants using “City Connector,” a platform launched by MasterCard and Parkeon, a parking solutions company.

“City Connector will provide a new and innovative way for Las Vegas to deliver value to our citizens and to support the local business community,” said Brandy Stanley, Las Vegas parking services manager. “By guiding people from their cars directly to local businesses, it totally rethinks the concept of a parking meter. We are excited to see the impact it will have on the Downtown Container Park and the businesses that have enrolled in the service.”

Underpinning features that enable publishing offers, campaign management and target criteria specification, the platform allows businesses to offer customized user experiences, according to MasterCard.

In a coupon book-like open style, the meters do not require users to sign in or register. They simply allow coupons to be reviewed and printed by people parking their car or just passing by. Once the coupon has been printed, it can be redeemed at the merchant’s point-of-sale terminal.

Though the number of terminals using City Connector is currently miniscule, Parkeon’s CEO Bertrand Barthelemy is positive about the potential of the SaaS solution. “City Connector has the potential to enhance how people interact in cities, and we look forward to bringing this new service to other cities across the globe,” he said.

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