Shyp Makes eBay Shipping Easier


From established retail giants to plucky startups, it seems like everybody is trying to crack the nut of on-demand delivery for convenience-crazy consumers. However, not nearly as many are concerned about making the shipping process easier for those hawking their wares.

Sellers on eBay should count their lucky stars then, because on-demand delivery startup Shyp announced that it has partnered with the online marketplace to ease the burden of shipping their sold items during the holiday shopping season. Shyp will incorporate all of its solutions directly into eBay‘s existing account management systems, so sellers can have personal couriers begin their shipments without having to pay the normal $5 fee that Shyp charges other clients.

“When your items are packed and ready to ship, we automatically update your eBay listing with tracking and carrier information and notify your buyers that their items are on the way,” the startup explained in a blog post. “Use the Shyp app to track your shipments all the way to delivery and maintain a record of the eBay items you’ve sold and shipped.”

Shyp and eBay may be a match made in heaven if both companies can figure out how to make everything run smoothly. TechCrunch reported in October that eBay’s latest earnings report claimed gross merchandise volume sat at $19.6 billion annually, which is certainly an enticing market for Shyp to insert itself into. Sellers, too, should jump at the chance to streamline deliveries, as their consumer-submitted ratings take into account the speed, reliability and quality of shipping services sellers choose to get buyers their purchases.

While Shyp will only offer eBay sellers fee-free deliveries through Jan. 2016, the two companies plan on continuing their partnership for the foreseeable future. If Shyp can convince sellers that the service is worth the $5 fee before February rolls around, it may have cornered an entire marketplace of sellers for future growth.


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