Social Financial Platform Connects Corporate Rebates With Communities

Enacomm Inc., a customer-service company specializing in prepaid debit and cash card maintenance, has been selected to host a customer self-service solution for PayForward, a social finance platform that allows members to turn corporate rebates into funding community and personal causes, according to a Feb. 19 press release. Specifically mentioned is PayForward’s plan utilization of Enacomm’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to improve customer relations and decrease service costs.

“PayForward is dedicated to helping members easily find our corporate partners and their up-to-date account information no matter where they are,” said Steve Sullivan, vice president of customer experience for PayForward. “Personalized, intelligent voice interactions enabled by Enacomm perfectly complement the convenience of PayForward’s website and mobile app.”

PayForward allows users of its prepaid Visa debit card to forward corporate rebates to social causes and charitable organizations such as local schools, sports teams, or service organizations. As its membership grows, according to the press release, improving customer service became necessary, which is where Enacomm stepped in with its voice response system. PayForward will also have access to Engage, Enacomm’s system that helps manage the IVR system and tracks expenses.

“Enacomm is excited to help PayForward meet the customer service needs of its growing base of members who understand the ‘big picture’ and are taking advantage of PayForward’s prepaid card to translate their everyday financial transactions into relevant benefits for their communities,” said Enacomm CEO Michael Boukadakis.

By moving to self-customer service through Enacomm’s IVR, customer service would cost nearly 20 times less than assisted customer service programs, which costs approximately $2.50 according to Enacomm price quotes. This enables companies to cut costs while providing new technology for customers to use that integrates voice commands as well as cloud-based data storage for accurate problem solving.






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