How Can Real-Time Decisions Improve the Customer Experience?

Live Discussion: July 13 at 1PM (EST)

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Live Discussion Overview:   

Businesses are utilizing massive amounts of data and spending countless dollars and hours implementing the analytics tools needed to make sense of it all. But what if the way companies are going about big data and analytics is wrong? With so much data available, is your organization harnessing it in the most efficient way in order to truly reap all the benefits of big data including driving innovation and improving the customer experience?

Real-time, scalable analytics decisions allow businesses to make sense of big data and deliver instant answers to the tech-centric consumers who demand them. Not only do real-time analytics improve the customer experience, but they also provide more consistent and compliant operations — just in time as the regulatory requirements of many services and industries are increasing. During this webinar, we’ll focus on how to improve the customer experience at every decision point while boosting compliance efforts and why it is important for businesses to invest in new technologies to improve the customer experience, maintain compliance, increase profitability, and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Join Joe DeCosmo, Chief Analytics Officer of Enova,  Mike Failor, Head of Portfolio Analytics of Enova and Karen Webster, CEO of MPD on Wednesday, July 13 at 1PM (EST) to explore:

– How to take advantage of emerging technology that can help make real-time decisions at scale for increased profitability

– Learn how real-time decisions and predictive analytics can optimize the success of recurring ACH debit attempts to reduce losses

– Insider perspective on leading industry trends and how using predictive analytics will bring more value to businesses

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Digital Discussion Presenters:

Joe DeCosmo

Chief Analytics Officer, Enova International

Joe joined Enova as Chief Analytics Officer in 2014. Prior to working at Enova, he served as Director and Practice Leader of Advanced Analytics for Chicago-based West Monroe Partners. He also held a number of executive positions at HAVI Global Solutions and the Allant Group. Joe received a BA in Economics from Lewis University and an MA in Economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He currently serves as President of the Chicago Chapter of the American Statistical Association and is on the Advisory Board of the UIC College of Business Administration. Joe lives in the Chicago area with his wife and daughters.

Mike Failor

Head of Portfolio Analytics, Enova International

Mike joined Enova’s analytics team in 2010 with 10 years of experience in quantitative analytics. Prior to working at Enova, he served as Quantitative Trading Strategist at Prop Trader and Equity Options Trader at Group One Trading. Mike received a BS in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame and an MS in Mathematics from Purdue University. Mike lives in the Chicago area with his wife and sons.

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Digital Discussion Host: 

Karen Webster

CEO, Market Platform Dynamics

Karen Webster is one of the world’s leading experts on payments, commerce and retail innovation and a strategic advisor to CEOs and Boards of multinational players in those sectors. As CEO of Market Platform Dynamics, she works extensively with the most innovative players in the payments, financial services, mobile, retail, B2B, digital media and technology sectors to help them maximize the value of their platform assets, design disruptive new business models and ignite and monetize new innovation. Karen also serves as a member of the advisory board for several emerging companies.




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