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Furniture Retailer Gets Global Delivery Boost From NICE

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With eCommerce enabling global reach for most retailers, keeping track of all the moving parts can be a difficult feat. As such, many companies are turning to the world of automation to help keep everything in check.

Cloud and on-premise software company NICE just announced its recent business win of one of the largest home furnishing retailers. In this new working relationship, the retailer will be implementing the NICE Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help oversee its order and delivery process around the world. The furniture retailer is looking to eliminate human error to help streamline the shipping and handling logistics process.

NICE EMEA President John O'Hara detailed how this new business partnership will work together. “We are proud to be a partner in this global project, which has helped the retailer provide a faster, more accurate automated order and delivery system with the goal of dramatically improving the customer experience. NICE worked closely with the client to deliver a tailored solution that was localized to accommodate specific processes and various languages in multiple regions. The retailer has already seen a significant return on investment with NICE Robotic Process Automation, and we will continue to supprot their needs as we work together to reinvent customer service in the retail space.”



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