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DUOS Launches AI-Powered Platform to Help Senior Citizens Live Independently

DUOS Launches AI Tool to Help Older Adults Live Independently

Digital health company DUOS introduced a platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to connect senior citizens with resources like primary care and transportation.

The new DUOS+AI platform is designed to empower older adults to live independently by enhancing their access to necessary services, the Minneapolis-based firm said in a Monday (Oct. 9) press release.

The DUOS+AI platform incorporates a conversational interface, enabling it to recommend services based on the social determinants of health and care navigation needs of senior citizens, caregivers or care managers, according to the release. By analyzing individuals’ language, the platform can interpret misspellings, slang, non-standard phrasing and varying levels of written literacy. Additionally, it offers non-English language support.

“There is a straightforward problem at the center of our business: the way that older adults and caregivers present or describe the aging-related problems they face is widely variable,” DUOS Co-founder and CEO Karl Ulfers said in the release. “Our technology-based solution can scale for impact and coverage based on the thousands of interactions we’ve had with older adults and their caregivers over the past few years.”

Once DUOS’ digital app identifies a user’s needs, it matches the user with relevant benefits, resources and content, according to the release. Resources encompass transportation, groceries, access to primary care physicians and reduced medication costs. The platform also integrates with phone-based agents, optimizing support and communication.

The DUOS+AI platform is available nationwide, subject to health plan coverage, per the release.

PYMNTS Intelligence found that more than a few aspects of the healthcare journey are going digital. The accelerated digitization of healthcare services promises to provide patients with a wider array of choices in how to access, experience and pay for healthcare, according to “Accessing Healthcare: Easing Digital Frictions in the Patient Journey,” a PYMNTS and Experian Health collaboration.

DUOS came out of stealth in June 2021, becoming one of the companies offering connected healthcare solutions to aid with aging in place, PYMNTS reported in December 2021.

“We recognize that there are millions of older Americans who want to live full lives in their own homes but need assistance with the social determinants of aging … that interfere with their independence,” Ulfers said at the time.

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