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Mistral AI Partners With Google Cloud to Distribute AI Solutions

Mistral AI, a European provider of artificial intelligence solutions, partnered with Google Cloud to make generative AI more open and accessible to developers and businesses worldwide.

The collaboration uses Google Cloud’s AI-optimized infrastructure to distribute and commercialize Mistral AI’s large language models (LLMs), allowing for the development of larger and more sophisticated open-source AI models across multiple languages, the companies said in a Wednesday (Dec. 13) press release.

Mistral AI will use Google Cloud’s infrastructure capabilities to test, build and scale up its LLMs, according to the release. The partnership will ensure that these models are accessible to organizations of all types and sizes.

The company’s 7B open LLM has already been integrated into Google’s Vertex AI Model Garden, enabling developers and businesses to deploy their own AI applications and services using Mistral AI’s model, the release said. The compact size of Mistral AI’s 7B model allows for easy deployment on any existing cloud infrastructure, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

“Google Cloud’s open source support and responsible AI principles, extensive and reliable infrastructure capabilities, and commitments around privacy and security align strongly with our mission to develop openly available AI models,” Mistral AI CEO and Co-founder Arthur Mensch said in the release.

Mistral AI’s plans to make its new mixture-of-expert model available on the Google Cloud Marketplace in the future will further enhance its go-to-market strategy, according to the release.

The move will allow Mistral AI to market, sell and distribute future LLMs through Google Cloud’s infrastructure worldwide, the release said.

The announcement comes three days after it was reported that Mistral AI raised $415 million in a funding round that valued the 7-month-old company at around $2 billion.

Founded by researchers from Google and Meta, Mistral AI has gained prominence in the European AI startup space, specializing in open-source software for chatbots and generative AI tools.

The company launched in May and was valued at $259 million in June, following a $113 million seed funding round, the largest-ever seed round recorded in Europe.

Mistral 7B was launched in September.

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