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Ariba Dishes On Future B2B Mobile Innovations

Since processing more than $1 billion through its platform, B2B payment services provider Ariba has taken new steps to boost its cloud services for corporate clients this year. Last week, the company revealed new insights into its agenda for the rest of 2015, and it looks like mobile and cloud-based tools are still at the top of the priority list.

In a recent interview, Ariba Senior Vice President of Product Management Chris Haydon said that as the company’s network of businesses widens, the company will need to adjust accordingly — and that includes meeting the demand for mobile and cloud-based payments on a global scale.

“It’s a massive focus for us from an innovation perspective,” said Haydon when asked about bringing new, holistic payment services to the mobile device. He elaborated that SAP Fiori, a new mobile platform for enterprise, is part of that focus.

The platform just received a facelift as Ariba looks to provide greater usability to enterprise users in areas like procurement and accounts payable. Additionally, Haydon said, the company is poised to introduce new mobile services for procurement and other B2B payments needs, which are built to integrate into the Fiori platform.

“We’re really looking to leverage the mobile device and take its abilities to create new user experience design paradigms,” the executive said. He added that upcoming services will make it easier, for example, for an accounts payable employee to process invoices from their mobile devices on the way to work. And, on the way home, they can use their mobile device to take a look at their performance for the day. “That’s the kind of continuity construct that would bring you in, making the user experience about learning and working where you are,” Haydon said.

Along with new mobile-supported tools, Ariba is reportedly looking to innovate in the public sector by facilitating global operations of businesses. New features will address application security and data encryption, Haydon said.

More specifically, he added that the company will look to strengthen demand aggregation for Ariba’s existing procurement services, boost contract management apps and innovate in the supply chain management space.

“What we’re really focused on,” Haydon said, “is making sure that we can get end-to-end outcomes for our customers across the source-to-pay process.”

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