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Oracle Unleashes B2B Data as a Service

The “as-a-Service” sector has ignited significant innovation in the B2B services space in recent years, a testament to businesses’ needs for digital procurement tools and data analysis. While Software-as-a-Service largely takes the spotlight, Oracle has just released a new type of B2B service.

The Oracle Data-as-a-Service product offers a way for B2B sellers to target potential business professional customers through the collection and analysis of data aimed at ensuring suppliers do not target unqualified buyers. Oracle announced the new service last week at South By Southwest.

“Data targeting is no longer a strategy employed only by consumer marketing professionals,” said Oracle Data Cloud Senior VP and General Manager Omar Tawakol in a statement. “By bringing data as a service to marketers, we are providing a new world of external data that enables targeting accuracy and scale to every B2B interaction."

According to Oracle, the DaaS tool encompasses 300 million anonymous consumer profiles and 100 million known business contacts, helping suppliers with their email campaigns. This consumer data set, Oracle said, was created through collaboration with major B2B data providers including Madison Logic and Dun & Bradstreet. The anonymous profiles were provided by Oracle BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace or the Oracle Data Management Platform, the company said.

This data set profiles potential customers based on 200 attributes, including company age, size, sales volume, industry and employee role.

The platform will also service business customers looking to access information for their database and profile lists, in addition to email marketing campaigns. The DaaS tool also enables corporations to contact prospective lists through a self-service interface.

“This combination of known and anonymous B2B data arms marketers with comprehensive information to better target and provide a consistent experience across email, paid media, and personalization efforts for online, video, and social platforms” Oracle said in its announcement.

The use of data among B2B industry players is largely considered vital to the success of sales operations. And while incoming technology can enable these businesses with new ways to collect more information than ever before, it is also becoming more difficult than ever before to organize and make sense of all of that data. Oracle’s DaaS product could signal that corporations are catching on to the need of data analytics tools.



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