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BioConnect Augments Voice Recognition Capabilities


FinTech players are beginning to develop and integrate biometric authentication technologies into digital banking and finance platforms. And while the tool is seen as a more sophisticated way for corporate clients to ensure security in their digital transactions, for some, biometric authentication is too futuristic and complex for real-world use.

A new partnership between biometric authentication companies BioConnect and VoiceVault aims to reduce the friction and confusion associated with implementing this type of security and identify verification solution for the enterprise.

The companies announced Friday (Oct. 21) that their collaboration will see VoiceVault’s existing voice recognition software integrated into the BioConnect Identity Platform, a mobile platform offering biometric authentication solutions with voice and eye-scanning technology or password technology.

“Ease of use, security and fraud reduction are major drivers as to why we’re seeing changes to identify verification within everyday, run-of-the-mill banking applications,” said BioConnect VP of Strategic Marketing and Global Alliances Bianca Lopes in a statement. “VoiceVault has a brilliant track record and a sound voice recognition technology that will provide enterprise clients with ease of use, scalability and, ultimately, greater choice by being a part of the BioConnect Identity Platform.”

In a separate statement, Julia Webb, VoiceVault’s VP of sales and marketing, said that an integration into an existing platform “will free enterprise customers from the ‘integration nightmare’ they often face adopting new technologies.”

“By adding VoiceVault to the BioConnect Identity Platform, we’re providing the security and convenience that comes with our trusted voice recognition platform that has already been deployed to millions of customers in over 40 countries,” the executive added.



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