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Exchange Eases Anxieties Of Corporate FinTech Adoption

Even if a business is eager to adopt new technology into its operations, many corporations lack the resources to integrate an innovative tool blindly. Without familiarity and comfort of some type of technology, businesses can struggle to implement tools that can help their processes and their bottom lines for fear that a new solution will not work as planned or suck up time and funds required for employee training.

A new solution by technology and consulting firm Capgemini is looking to ease the friction of corporates adopting novel tools. The company revealed Thursday (Jan. 14) the rollout of its Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE), a system that eases friction for businesses interested in discovering and adopting innovations.

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The exchange currently includes nine locations that link business owners with these solutions, a place the company said allows businesses “to immerse themselves in the understanding, experimentation and application of all aspects of emerging technologies, as well as address the business disruptions confronting them and their industries."

The AIE also creates an interconnected community of innovators and their partners to curate a framework that eases companies into the adoption process of disruptive technologies.

The latest space to become a part of the AIE is in San Francisco, which opened on Thursday.

“Companies can no longer innovate in isolation or be content with development and deployment cycles measured in years or months,” said Capgemini Global Chief Technology Officer and member of the Group Executive Committee Lanny Cohen in a statement.

“Given the fast pace of emerging technology introductions and the way they are removing traditional barriers to market entry, it is the rapid application of innovation that promises sustainable value for the enterprise,” Cohen continued.

Among its clients is Euroclear, a finance firm that provides post-trade services to corporates.

"Capgemini has a structured and collaborative approach to innovation that allowed us to leverage their strategic insight, industry research and SME2 network to identify and deliver new business and technology solutions,” said Anne Swaelus, managing director of delivery excellence for the ADM division of Euroclear Group. “The focus on innovation in our relationship has enabled us to launch new services, like mobile apps, for our customers, apply Big Data analytics to various business use cases and integrate partner solutions into our ecosystem.”



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