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KDS Moves In On The Apple Watch

Providers of travel and expense management tools have quickly caught on to the potential of wearable devices to help corporate travelers track and manage their spending, instead of having to wait until they’re back at their office.

KDS is jumping in on mobile and wearable technology, too, with the launch of the Neo Move mobile app, announced today (Feb. 18).

KDS Neo Move is available for the iPhone and Apple Watch, the company said in a release, and complements the firm’s existing Neo solution to help corporate travelers book travel plans, track spend and submit their expenses. The tool also automates the generation of expense reports and supports traveler preferences for personalized solutions.

The app version of this solution uses the data from KDS Neo by linking timeline information with a mobile device. KDS Neo has users input three data points: journey start location, journey end location and arrival time.

On an iPhone or Apple Watch, the app provides a countdown for users to track travel information, like, for instance, the time until their gate closes at the airport. The app can link users with visual trip information, scan receipts from purchases made while on the trip and integrate into third-party travel apps, like Yelp and Uber.

“KDS Neo Move bridges the on-the-move trip management gap,” said the company’s SVP of product and partner marketing, Oliver Quayle, in a statement. “Until now, business travelers had all the support they need to plan and book their trip; they had solutions to manage and submit their expenses once back at the office but nothing that connected the two while on trip.”

Quayle added that the app aims to be the only such app that users actually want to keep on their iPhone screen.

“It is the one app that knows each step of your journey, where you are going and when and can sit on your wrist, as well as your iPhone,” he said.



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