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How Divide-And-Conquer Can Speed Up Procurement


The enterprise is all about speed today, especially when it comes to the purchasing and accounts payable space. Cloud-based procurement firm Vroozi is jumping on this trend with the launch of a fast-tracked eProcurement solution, the company revealed.

An announcement on Tuesday (May 17) said Vroozi is rolling out Purchase Express, a capability adaptable to mobile and desktop devices to allow corporate buyers to quickly move forward with complex ordering by dividing up the tasks of the ordering process.

Vroozi allows employees to create a shopping cart of their requested products and services from vendors. That cart is then shared to professionals that can manage ERP systems to add in the accounting information. Divvying up the process, the company said, means any employee can quickly request a purchase, while the more complex tasks related to ERP and supplier relationship management systems can be passed on to the experts.

This, the firm added, means fewer professionals need to be trained to use the eProcurement system and helps corporations adhere to contract compliance.

In a statement, Vroozi Senior Director of Product Evangelist Michael Jud pointed to his background at SAP leading its supplier relationship management practice, where he witnessed the challenge for employees to adopt new procurement tools.

“If the system asks users to put in accounting information or if it has too many fields to fill out, users immediately abandon the process and go back to maverick spend,” the executive explained. “What we are doing at Vroozi is allowing users to launch Purchase Express with a company’s marketplace on any device.”

Professionals within the enterprise that are trained on ERP and SRM systems — dubbed “Power Shoppers” by Vroozi — complete the ordering process, he added.

Vroozi CEO Steve Olds said in a separate statement that corporations swapping out their legacy procurement tools for Purchase Express see “immediate” cost savings.


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