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Concur Nabs Exclusive Uber For Biz Deal


Uber for Business expanded its expense management capabilities for corporate travelers last March when it announced partnerships with Certify, Expensify and Chrome River, all to automate the capture of ride transaction data for an expense report.

On Tuesday (July 19), Uber for Business announced the expansion of its collaboration with another T&E firm, Concur, that goes beyond capturing spend data.

The companies revealed that their integration will enable Concur users to gain insight into their use of the Uber app for corporate travel. As part of their exclusive deal, Concur users can access Uber for Business for free.

While Uber for Business offers automated employee onboarding, enforcement of corporate travel controls and information about Uber trips and spend, the collaboration with Concur will also link Concur’s corporate clients to other affordable ridesharing options, like UberX, the companies said. These features can be accessed for free, and data from the trip will automatically flow into the Concur platform for expense reporting and visibility.

“Our average enterprise customer expenses almost $1 million in ground transportation annually, and about 7 percent of that is with Uber today,” said Concur President Elena Donio. “By shifting more spend to Uber, these companies stand to save hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Donio continued by stating that Concur has seen a nearly 230 percent growth in use of Uber by its corporate clients.

“With this integration, we expect to see that growth accelerate, as well help companies leverage the benefits of Uber as part of their travel program,” the executive stated.

The integration of Uber for Business into Concur will appear in the fourth quarter of this year, the companies noted.

Their extended collaboration follows last April’s announcement that Uber for Business had added new features, including the ability to upload expense codes, spend tracking and streamlined billing for businesses.



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