Airmax Touts Telematics To Combat Fuel Card Fraud

Telematics company Airmax says fleet card fraud will be “a thing of the past” thanks to technology.

In an announcement on Thursday (Feb. 8), Airmax released the results of a 2017 survey that highlighted the potential for fleet managers to save through miles per gallon (mpg) monitoring. The company analyzed data from its Airmax Remote Premium Plus solution and found greater accuracy of mpg calculations through the use of such a tool, as compared to monitoring fuel performance from data provided by fuel card transactions.

“We firmly believe that the misuse of company fuel cards and exaggerated mileage claims are set to become a thing of the past,” said Airmax Remote Managing Director Richard Perham in a statement. “Airmax Remote’s technology delivers complete accuracy and definitive reporting to identify fuel savings for fleet operators.”

“We will be working with customers to provide insight into which of their drivers are most suitable for electric and plug-in vehicles by accurately monitoring existing fuel usage resulting from analysis of mapping, distances traveled and reasons for the journey,” he continued.

Research commissioned by Shell in 2016 found that nearly two-thirds of survey respondents agreed fuel card fraud is a major concern. Fraud could be causing more than 5 percent in fuel savings for businesses, researchers noted.

“Commissioning this new research has given us an even clearer picture of the nature of fuel-related fraud — as told by fleet managers and drivers themselves,” said Shell U.K. Commercial Fleet Sales Manager Scott McGregor in a statement at the time. “Because fuel is such a valuable resource, it will always attract criminal behavior. We recommend every fleet or road haulage operator establishes a full set of tactics for defending their business against fraud and, ultimately, reducing its impact on their bottom line.”