Microsoft Taps Stripe, Braintree To Power Payments In Outlook

Microsoft and Stripe are teaming up to enable integrated payments in Microsoft Outlook, the companies announced on Monday (May 7).

The partnership enables users of Microsoft Office to process invoices and make payments directly within the Outlook portal. The companies noted that payments can be made in more than 135 currencies.

“Stripe’s goal is to increase the GDP of the internet, which we do by providing the tools and infrastructure that make it easier to transact online from anywhere in the world,” said Stripe Head of Global Revenue and Growth Richard Alfonsi in a statement. “We’re excited to work closely with Microsoft to power payments in Outlook, allowing anyone receiving an email invoice or bill in Outlook to immediately take action and pay that invoice with a few simple clicks.”

“By removing friction and time needed to complete a payment, Stripe and Microsoft can help businesses around the world reduce missed or late payments, ultimately increasing their revenue,” Alfonsi added.

Invoices received via email can be paid via Microsoft Pay immediately, the firms explained. Users without Microsoft Pay accounts can pay invoices by entering in payment card details.

Microsoft Pay is Microsoft’s digital wallet solution for secure ePayments. With Stripe’s partnership, companies that use Stripe to process payments can now accept payments made with Microsoft Pay, the companies added.

Further, Stripe is deploying its Stripe Connect solution to provide secure payment processing, the company noted.

“Our partnership with Stripe opens up new opportunities for developers to monetize on Microsoft platforms,” stated Microsoft Executive Vice President of Business Development Peggy Johnson. “Starting with payments in Outlook, anyone using Stripe on our platforms can now accept payments with minimal effort, creating a more powerful experience for both our partners and our customers.”

Microsoft noted that Braintree will also support payment processing in Outlook, while Zuora will provide billing services. FreshBooks, Intuit and Xero have also partnered with Microsoft to offer their invoicing services.