Delego Launches Self-Service Invoice Payments Solution

Delego Adds Self-Service Invoice Payment Tool

Payments solution provider Delego is rolling out its invoice presentment and payment solution, PayCenter, a SAP-integrated tool, to digitize and streamline accounts receivable.

In a press release issued Tuesday (April 30), Delego said its self-service Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) tool supports the accounts receivable and billing needs of larger merchants that interact with customers across multiple channels. Payers can manage their invoice transactions and view transaction history, while merchants can accelerate the order-to-cash cycle and reduce days sales outstanding by simplifying management of outstanding invoices.

In a statement, Delego President and CEO Scott Johns said PayCenter “eliminates ‘source of truth’ issues that arise with other solutions” as a result of the integration with SAP.

“Our enterprise merchants can now provide their customers with a convenient, cloud-based, self-service portal to view and pay their invoices and access their transaction history in real time, further extending our accounts receivable solution footprint,” he noted.

Delego’s PayCenter offers Delego RapidPay, which supports ACH, card, digital wallet and other payment methods when invoices are presented.

Earlier this year, Delego announced another collaboration with Corevist, enabling Corevist to display business rules stored within the SAP ERP platform on a manufacturer’s online storefront, and allowing those rules to be reflected on invoices presented via Delego technology. Their collaboration supports pay-at-checkout invoice payment services targeted for the B2B eCommerce space.

“Corevist has developed an exceptional eCommerce platform, and combined with our secure and diverse payment acceptance, we are able to provide a unified solution with real-time integration to SAP, which radically streamlines the order-to-cash process,” said Johns in a statement at the time.

Soon after that partnership was announced, Corevist Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Sam Bayer, Ph.D. spoke with PYMNTS about the importance of interconnectivity in B2B transactions. “It’s all about the integrations,” Dr. Bayer said.