Today In B2B: Deutsche Bank Launches Thai B2B Payment Network; RowanPay Builds B2B Payment System On Blockchain

Deutsche Bank Rolls Out Collections System With 2C2P In Thailand  

Today in B2B payments, Deutsche Bank launches a B2B payments platform in Thailand, and RowanPay introduces a blockchain B2B payments network. Plus, Beeline collaborates on hiring managers’ spend management, OneSource Virtual debuts early wage access via payroll card and corporate confidence goes on the upswing.

Deutsche Bank, 2C2P Roll Out Collections System In Thailand

Deutsche Bank has introduced a modern payment system for its Thailand customers to support local collections via 2C2P, a payments platform provider in Southeast Asia. 2C2P is based in both Bangkok and Singapore and operates throughout Asia, the United States and Europe, according to a Thursday (Feb. 18) announcement. “This platform addresses emerging client needs in the rapidly changing payment landscape in Thailand, and we are confident that by making this new collection tool available to our clients, they will see the direct benefits,” Chintan Shah, APAC head of corporate cash management at Deutsche Bank, said in the announcement.

RowanPay Rolls Out Blockchain Network

RowanPay has launched a blockchain network, a press release says. The idea behind it is to help retailers with common issues including high interchange fees, slow settlement times, card skimming and chargebacks. RowanPay hopes to change that by shifting traditional payment processing with new blockchain technology, the release says. The network will go seamlessly with traditional payments and merchants are settled in 24 hours, according to the release. It will also assist processing B2B and cross-border payments.

Beeline, Brightfield Team Up On New Overspending AI Solution

Beeline, which works in software solutions for sourcing and managing an extended workforce, has announced it is furthering its relationship with Brightfield through the rollout of a new service to tackle labor sourcing overspending via artificial intelligence (AI), according to a press release. The product will be called SmartBuyer and will aim to tackle the issues caused by ineffective job descriptions and uninformed buying behavior, the release stated. The tech comes from a year-long research and development project into how sourcing and contracting behaviors among hiring managers at global enterprises affect business outcomes.

OneSource Virtual Debuts Access To Wages By Payroll Card

OneSource Virtual (OSV) is now providing employees with round-the-clock immediate access to their wages with the help of a payroll card, which is enabled by Money Network® from Fiserv, as a complement to its current earned wage access capabilities, according to a Thursday (Feb. 18) announcement. “Providing our customers with the ability to offer a Money Network payroll card means their employees will gain the unrivaled benefits of a world-class payroll solution,” OSV CFO John Bax said in the announcement.

Survey: Corporate Confidence Reaches New High

Corporate leaders are more confident about the U.S. economy than at any time in the past 17 years, according to a survey released on Thursday (Feb. 18). The Conference Board Measure of CEO Confidence, done in conjunction with The Business Council, went up in the first quarter of this year, adding to an uptick seen in the September survey. The measure now stands at 73, up from 64, which is the highest level of CEO confidence since the first quarter of 2004.