Today In B2B: More Trouble For Trade Finance; Higo Lands Funds For ‘Venmo For B2B Payments’

Auditors Look Into Concerns Raised About Trade-Finance Firm Barak

Today in B2B payments, more trouble for the trade finance space is brewing, plus Higo secures funding for its “Venmo for B2B payments” technology. Plus, AdvicePay launches mobile check deposit support for corporate clients, Project44 debuts a supplier visibility tool, and Firstmark Credit Union digitizes through FinTech collaboration.

Auditors Look Into Concerns Raised About Trade Finance Firm Barak

AdvicePay Introduces Mobile Check Deposit For Enterprise Customers

Fee-payment processing platform AdvicePay, created just for financial advisors, rolled out a new mobile check deposit feature for large businesses. Enterprises can now let their branch workforce simply and expediently deposit financial planning checks into home office systems, according to a Thursday (March 18) announcement. The move lets them steer clear of the risk of causing custody by keeping client checks as well as takes away the necessity of expensive express mailing costs, according to the announcement.

Project44 Launches Supplier Visibility Feature

According to a Thursday (March 18) press release, supply chain technology startup project44 has launched Supplier Visibility, which will give shippers a new way to see prepaid freight from suppliers. The release said the real-time information about the prepaid shipments from suppliers will let the shippers manage inventory levels and carry costs while also looking more at breaking down internal silos between the transportation and demand chain departments.

Higo Raises $3.3 Million For Cloud B2B Payments

Firstmark Credit Union Taps Lumin Digital For Banking Technology

Firstmark Credit Union (Firstmark) has chosen PSCU company Lumin Digital to offer online and mobile digital banking to over 60,000 users when the credit union (CU) launches on the platform next month. Firstmark is a long-time PSCU partner and has inked a multi-year deal for Lumin Digital’s cloud-native system, according to a Thursday (March 18) announcement emailed to PYMNTS. “In a year of crisis, consumers used online channels in record numbers, resulting in an era of digital transformation across all industries,” Firstmark President and CEO Nathanael Tarwasokono said in the announcement.