Rippling Integrates Spend Management Products With Payroll Platform

Rippling Integrates Spend Management With Payroll

Rippling has launched spend management products that integrate with its existing payroll solution, enabling finance leaders and controllers to view and manage spend across their company on a single platform.

The new Rippling Spend Management products include corporate cards and an expense management system and will soon add bill pay software, according to a Tuesday (Sept. 20) blog post on the company’s website.

“Because Rippling Spend Management is deeply integrated with Rippling Payroll, you can manage and report on all of your spend in one place — not just card transactions, reimbursements and invoices, but payroll too,” the company wrote in the post. “No more logging into different systems or merging data in Excel to figure out your monthly cash burn.”

With Rippling Spend Management, finance teams can reimburse employees via payroll, view an employee’s expenses directly inside a pay run and automatically sync all spend to categories and periods in the general ledger, according to the post.

In addition, employees can view paystubs, receipts, PTO and other mobile data in a single mobile app, the post stated.

Rippling Corporate Cards feature a “built-in back office” that helps teams issue, manage and revoke cards, per the post.

“You can use every Rippling Spend Management product separately or go all-in-one and manage your corporate cards, expenses and bills through Rippling right off the bat — all at no extra cost as long as all of your card spend is managed through Rippling,” the company said in the post.

PYMNTS research has found that the lack of overarching systems for compiling and communicating information about expenses has resulted in a sea of spend management silos that have made it almost impossible for businesses to figure out how much money they owe at any given moment.

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Adopting solutions that are integrated, digital and usable across various departments and payment processes could help organizations put an end to spend management silos once and for all, according to the “Corporate Spend Playbook,” a PYMNTS and Airbase collaboration.

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