FirstBank Picks Current Collaborator Jack Henry For Digital Upgrades

Jack Henry & Assoc.

Community financial institution FirstBank is expanding its partnership with technology solutions provider Jack Henry & Associates to digitize workflows and standardize the lending process for an improved user experience for borrowers and lenders.

“As the industry embraces digital acceleration, Jack Henry’s digital commercial lending platform puts us in a position of strength. It will allow us to meet borrowers where they are, making our interactions more meaningful and convenient. Plus, the platform seamlessly integrates with our core, creating efficiencies that will help us fulfill loans more quickly,” Wade Peery, chief administrative officer of FirstBank, said in a press release on Wednesday (Aug. 11).

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Peery added that FirstBank’s partnership with Jack Henry has been ongoing for many years due to the company’s “strong reputation in the digital space” coupled with their concentration on providing “exceptional service” and streamlining the end-to-end borrowing experience.

The bank already teams with Jack Henry for a number of services — its core system, digital banking, payments solutions, cloud-based IT infrastructure. Peery said Jack Henry has helped FirstBank take care of customers while offering remote support that topped.

“Our customer feedback is a testament to this success. … our App Store rating has more than doubled since we began using the [Jack Henry’s] Banno Digital Platform. We look forward to applying this same digital-first approach enterprise-wide, one that leverages modern technology to enhance — not replace — human interaction.”  

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Based in Nashville, Tennessee, FirstBank has $11.9 billion in assets and recently completed a  major acquisition in 2020, which puts it in a position to boost its commercial lending process.

“The stakes have never been higher for providing a fully streamlined digital lending experience; borrowers across the country need quick access to capital, and lenders have no time to waste on inefficient, cumbersome manual processes,” said Gary Lewis, head of Jack Henry Lending.