PopID Adds Palm Verification to Biometric Platform

PopID now enables palm verification as well as face verification.

The firm has partnered with PalmID to add the palm option to its platform for using consumer-initiated biometric verification for digital interactions and payments, PopID said in a Thursday (April 20) press release.

“We believe PopID is the first retail loyalty and payment service that gives consumers the option of choosing which biometric they’d like to use for verification,” PopID CEO John Miller said in the release. “Our platform is designed to securely protect biometric data and allow consumers to choose when and where they wish to use face or palm verification as a more convenient way to check in and transact.”

The PopID platform is used by 150 brands to enable consumers to check in to their loyalty accounts, get personalized order recommendations and pay, according to the press release.

With its consumer-initiated biometrics, the platform enables consumers to perform these tasks at retailers’ self-ordering kiosks, point-of-sale (POS) systems and payment terminals without having to open apps on their phones, the release said.

“Restaurants using the platform are seeing increases in average ticket size, loyalty engagement and speed of ordering, while also substantially reducing their payment processing fees,” PopID said in the release. “As described in a recent story on CNN, PopID has also been successfully deployed at a major grocery chain where it has significantly decreased payment times.”

In March 2022, when PopID had about 85,000 consumers enrolled with the platform to use face verification, Miller told PYMNTS that the solution has benefits for both consumers and merchants.

“We’ve shown the value of the platform in allowing the consumer to use their face to check in to a brick-and-mortar location, see their past orders, repeat their order and pay with their face,” Miller said at the time.

PYMNTS research has found that consumers are increasingly adopting biometrics for authentication online as well.

Most consumers now see biometric tools as the most secure way to authenticate a transaction, and more than half now say it is also their most preferred method of authentication, according to “Consumer Authentication Preference for Online Banking and Transactions,” a PYMNTS and Entersekt collaboration.