Bitcoin Daily: La Haus to Take Bitcoin Payments; Mastercard Works With Asia-Based Crypto Companies on Card; Digital Yuan to Focus on Privacy; Twitter Rolls out Crypto Team; CPI Sees Gains in Bitcoin, Ether

Bitcoin Daily: La Haus to Take Bitcoin Payments

La Haus, a property technology company based in Latin America, is now taking bitcoin for home purchases, CoinDesk reported.

The purchases will go through on-chain transactions and the Lightning Network, according to the report. Bitcoin can be used to invest in luxury housing development Kahaal, based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

La Haus said cryptocurrency acceptance will also soon be available at other properties, the report stated. The company an inventory of over 80,000 listings.


In other news, Mastercard is working alongside two crypto companies from Asia and one from Australia to set up a bitcoin payment card, Trend Hunter reported.

Hong Kong’s crypto finance firm Amber Group, Thailand’s crypto exchange Bitkub and Australia’s trading platform Coinjar are the three firms involved, according to the report. With the partnership, customers will be able to convert bitcoin and other cryptos into fiat.


Meanwhile, People’s Bank of China (PBOC) Governor Gang Yi said the development of the digital yuan is taking into account a need for privacy, Cointelegraph reported.

He said the bank is “taking a high degree of focus on issues surrounding the security of personal information and the digital yuan,” per the report. He added that there would be a “principle of anonymity for small transactions,” and that regulations would only come down for large transactions.


In other news, Twitter is debuting its own dedicated crypto team, which will be helmed by crypto engineer Tess Rinearson, who announced the news on the social media site.

Rinearson said the project will aim to “to figure out what crypto can do for Twitter, as well as what Twitter can do for crypto.”

The new team will examine how to support interest in crypto and decentralized apps, and in the future, the team will look into expanding what’s possible with “identity, community, ownership and more,” Rinearson said in a tweet.


Lastly, a Wednesday (Nov. 10) Consumer Price Index (CPI) report saw bitcoin rising 1%, hitting a new high of almost $68,000, CBNC reported. Ether rose under 1%, while spot gold rose by 0.8%.

The CPI was up 6.2% year over year — the biggest number in 30 years, according to the report. High inflation has traditionally caused investors to look for other investment opportunities aside from cash or bonds.