26% of UK, US Firms Significantly Increase X-Border Workforce Despite Challenges

The challenges that come with hiring internationally could easily deter organizations from tapping into the worldwide talent pool.

But according to a recent study on challenges in international workforce payment and management, firms engaged in cross-border hiring are not backing down easily.

Get the report: Meeting The Demand For Cross-Border Hiring: Challenges In International Workforce Payment And Management

The PYMNTS and Nium study, which examines the key challenges by firm revenue, overseas workforce size, and recent growth in international hiring, shows that organizations that have experienced the most challenges when managing and paying overseas workers have significantly increased their cross-border workforce.

In fact, among organizations that have faced four to six challenges when managing international workers, including cultural issues and costs of legal obligations, 26% significantly increased their share. And among those facing four or five challenges with paying international workers, 23% significantly increased their share.


These results, per the report, suggest that firms are strongly committed to growing internationally despite the challenges faced, and are more likely to look for solutions to their challenges rather than hold off their cross-border hiring activities.

One of the solutions is employing the services of external contracted firms such as private agencies which was the focus of another PYMNTS-Nium study.

Data from that report shows that 64% of all U.S. and U.K. firms surveyed said they had turned to private agencies for their cross-border hiring needs in 2021, with 38% saying these agencies were their most important channel.


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