Uber Eats Delivers CBD Drink In New York

CBD drinks

Recess, a CBD-infused sparkling water company, has announced that it will be available on Uber Eats for delivery to customers in New York City, according to a report by Adweek.

The announcement was made on Instagram by the drink company with a post that named UberEats as an “app someone made to deliver Recess and McDonald’s.”

The company offers three flavors, and the drinks come in a six-can or a three-can sampler, and the products cost between $16.50 and $30.

On the Recess website, an eight-pack costs $40 and a six-pack goes for $30. The deliveries only happen Tuesday through Sunday, because drivers have to pick up the product from the company itself, and it’s not open on Monday. Eventually, the company plans to expand to other markets, including L.A.

“We look at Recess’ launch on Uber Eats as another distribution channel for the brand, with Recess IRL [the company’s New York shop] serving as the storefront for on-demand delivery operations,” said Benjamin Witte, founder and CEO of Recess. “Because Recess has a physical presence with always available inventory, the Uber Eats expansion was the logical next step in our plans for a true omnichannel distribution model, as its logistical infrastructure and popularity within the New York market is unmatched.”

Recess has some company on the Uber Eats app when it comes to drinks. Starbucks partnered with the app in January, with San Francisco first and then spreading to Boston, Chicago and L.A., among others. Dirty Lemon, another beverage brand, is also on the platform.

Recess sees itself as more than just a beverage company, though. It said its mission is centered around relaxation in general. The drinks are infused with hemp oil, and contain ginseng, among other ingredients.

“With UberEats, we were looking to make it easier than ever to ‘take a Recess’ at any time of the day, anywhere,” Witte said. “We also believe that a retail presence across every channel (online, retail, on-demand, etc.) is where the consumer world is going. While Recess IRL has allowed us to propel on-demand delivery forward, our customers have been consistently reaching out via email and Instagram asking where they can find Recess — and now Uber Eats can help us get to them even faster if a retail vendor is not within walking distance.”



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