Flipkart Boosts Sellers Through Faster Payments, Easier Onboarding


Flipkart, the eCommerce company, has announced several policy changes, including cutting payment settlement cycles and low return costs, a report says.

The company has also announced travel benefits for sellers, partnering with Cleartrip.

Jagjeet Harode, Flipkart senior director and head of marketplace, said recently that the company would be aimed at helping with empowering various sellers and consumers and also promote eCommerce in India.

Harode said the company was committed to helping address some of the things plaguing the sellers.

The company says it’s put in place a new product to help out with listing, making use of automation to convert any product image to Flipkart’s standard of quality.

The company’s new payment policy, it said, would aim to ease up on liabilities for sellers, making the process better for them overall.

Flipkart has acquired Yaantra, the electronics reCommerce platform, a report from PYMNTS says.

This will help Flipkart bolster its after-sale offerings for smartphone customers.

Yaantra has joined the FK Group entity Solutions and Services, which offers repairs and refurbishment for various categories as part of the B2B segment, which also encompasses mobility, consumer electronics, IT and peripherals and AV.

The report notes that Yaantra had been incorporated in 2013, and repairs and sells refurbished consumer tech products like smartphones and laptops.

Flipkart, making use of the product, will provide a comprehensive service ecosystem for customers, helping out with a smartphone’s whole life cycle.

That will help with access to affordable, refurbished devices.

“India is one of the fastest-growing markets for electronic goods, with smartphones being one of the most in-demand,” said Prakash Sikaria, senior vice president and head of Flipkart’s growth charter. “There is a large set of consumers who aspire to own branded devices, but prices are sometimes prohibitive. This is where Yaantra fits in perfectly.”

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