Mollie Brings Payments to Conversational Commerce

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Payments firm Mollie will be the European payment provider for the end-to-end conversational commerce solution, which was acquired by global cloud communications firm Vonage last October.

“Vonage’s Conversational Commerce solution,, enables businesses to meet new and existing customer needs now and well into the future, with embedded commerce capabilities to simplify the way they serve, connect with, and sell to their customers from anywhere, on any channel,” Yash Kotak, senior director of product management at Vonage and founder of, said in a press release on Tuesday (Sept. 20).

Kotak added that the partnership gives businesses across Europe the capabilities to interact in any channel customers prefer “turning conversations into engagements into sales.”

See also: Lack of Payments Integration Hampers Growth at Small UK eCommerce Sites aims to help businesses boost customer engagement and sales by providing “remarkable experiences” across popular messaging, social, and web platforms, according to its website. and Mollie integrated offer customer support agents a seamless way to sell and upsell products or services during a conversation started by a customer. In-chat payments can be processed during the conversation for sales and deposits. Agents can also re-engage shoppers after cart abandonment, notify them about a restock, and more.

“This means users can monetize the micro-moments and build connections with customers through direct conversations while always offering an effortless payments process,” per the release.

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Businesses also have the ability to guide customers to the products they seek by way of multi-channel social chats. Combining conversational commerce tech and digital payments can help create a seamless buying experience, according to the release. Chat can also be used to redirect customers to a payments page.

“Conversational commerce offers huge potential to engage with customers more directly and drive sales. We look forward to working with Vonage to help retailers differentiate themselves and bring their shoppers the best end-to-end user experience possible,” said Michaela Weber, vice president of partnerships at Mollie.