LendingRobot Still Bullish About Lending Club Integration

The trading platform known as LendingRobot is enabling investors to invest in loans tied to both the primary and secondary markets, said TechCrunch. The interface allows for users to automate trades across the various stock exchanges.

The site noted that LendingRobot links up, now, with peer-to-peer lending firm Lending Club and can, through the combined entity, offer both credit and transact with existing notes on the secondary markets. The pairing, according to instructions tempered by the various strengths of each firm, means that users can be up and running without competing with others on a split-second basis toward getting access to loans, a plus for “casual investors,” according to TechCrunch. The ease of use across algorithmic technology, said TechCrunch, means that loans can be bundled and then bought straightaway. LendingRobot has said it has grown to more than 5,000 clients. The site noted that the data flow comes from employment data and FICO scores, among many other sources.

“We are constantly trying to improve our models,” said Emmanuel Marot, CEO of LendingRobot. “Over the next six months, the peer lending market still needs to respond to what’s happening to Lending Club. The next six months of growth should be slower, but we are seeing insane growth in the peer lending market.”

TechCrunch stated that the assets managed through the adviser have tripled through the past few years.