Mental Health Marketplace MiResources Raises $3M

Mental Health Provider

The mental healthcare marketplace MiResource announced on Tuesday (Aug. 24) that it has raised $3 million in seed funding. The company said it would use the funding to expand its platform, which connects patients with mental health providers.

Based in San Francisco, MiResource says it addresses a “major gap in healthcare,” which is the lack of infrastructure in the physical care system for making effective referrals to mental health care, by providing an “accessible and user-friendly” platform.

The company says it worked with universities to show there is a way to deal with data maintenance issues in the mental health system and has worked with 25 university health systems, connecting more than 50,000 students to a network of over 5,000 health providers.

“Connecting people to mental healthcare is challenging due to the difficulty associated with keeping information on mental health providers up to date at scale,” said Mackenzie Drazan, co-founder and CEO of MiResource. “We know that if we wanted to create a world where everyone has access to effective mental healthcare, then we needed to find a way to track all of this information on mental health providers.”

Drazan said the seed funding will be used to expand MiResource’s higher education partnerships and to enter into new markets.

Investors included Draper Associates, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, Royal Street Ventures, One Mind, What If Ventures and GarageCap.

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Tuesday’s announcement comes just days after the launch of two other firms in the health sector: Soda Health, which debuted after concluding a $6 million seed funding round, and MiSalud, which rolled out a beta version of its platform following a $5 million seed round.

Soda Health said it aims to help consumers seeking reimbursements for health-related items necessary for maintaining good health, but that aren’t covered by traditional medical claims.

MiSalud, meanwhile, works to offer a healthcare platform personalized especially for Hispanic people in the U.S.

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