Delta Air Lines to Modify Frequent-Flier Program Following Negative Feedback

Delta Air Lines has said that recent changes to its frequent-flier program have received mostly negative feedback from travelers.

In response to this feedback, Delta CEO Ed Bastian has said the airline went “too far” with the changes and has announced that modifications will be made in the coming weeks, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported Wednesday (Sept. 27).

The changes, which were disclosed on Sept. 13, shifted the criteria for earning frequent-flier status from a combination of spending and flights to solely spending, according to the report. Additionally, the changes also limited or eliminated Sky Club access for credit card holders.

These changes have not been well-received by travelers, who have expressed their dissatisfaction through online travel forums, social media and direct communication with the company, the report said. Competing airlines have taken advantage of this opportunity and have attempted to lure frequent fliers away from Delta by offering to match their status.

During a recent Rotary Club event in Atlanta, Delta’s hometown, Bastian said that the airline moved too fast with the changes and wanted to avoid making frequent adjustments to the program, per the report. He added that the company wanted to “rip the Band-Aid off” and create a more balanced loyalty program.

Bastian highlighted the increased demand for perks from travelers with top-tier Diamond status, which has nearly doubled since the start of the pandemic, according to the report. These perks include premium seats, access to Sky Club lounges, and dedicated customer-service assistance.

The overhaul of the SkyMiles program was aimed at ensuring that these higher-tier travelers receive the premium experience they expect and deserve, the report said. However, Bastian said that the changes may have been too drastic and that modifications will be made to address the concerns raised by travelers.

He expressed gratitude for the feedback received, assured travelers that Delta is assessing what modifications will be made, and said travelers can expect to hear more about these changes in the coming weeks, per the report.

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