PayPal Says Mobile Payments Important To Freelancers

PayPal’s “Global Freelancer Insights Report” found that mobile is an important tool for freelancers, while security is also top of mind.

In a corporate blog post detailing the results, PayPal said mobile payments, mobile apps and mobile communication are important tools for freelancers, with those surveyed noting mobile tools and the ability to invoice and receive payments on mobile devices is crucial for them.

Additionally, PayPal said security is a big concern for freelancers, with 47 percent of those surveyed saying security is an important factor when choosing a payment method. While PayPal’s survey found freelancers to be optimistic about their futures, they did admit an irregular income is their biggest challenge. Of the survey respondents, the majority of freelancers around the world expect business to grow in the future, with strong growth expected from those residing in Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Mexico and Argentina. At the same time, more than 50 percent of freelancers polled in Hong Kong, Russia and South Africa said irregular payments are an issue.

Of the U.S. freelancers polled by PayPal for its “U.S. Freelancer Insight Report,” 44 percent cited security and 38 percent cited speed as the top two criteria when choosing how to get paid for their freelance work. PayPal was cited by 70 percent of survey respondents in the survey as the preferred payment method. Survey respondents also said PayPal on mobile is an important feature for their businesses.

The survey revealed that 97 percent of U.S. freelancers polled have domestic clients, but only 58 percent have clients outside the U.S. PayPal noted that presents an opportunity to grow internationally. PayPal said platforms can help their businesses expand globally as well as enable freelancers to accept local currencies.

What’s more, half of U.S. freelancers polled said they’ve suffered from non-payment, with 44 percent saying they believe it’s because contract workers aren’t taken seriously. Six in 10 freelancers said they used some form of account software to organize payments received and issue invoices.