Venmo Offers Prizes to College Students in ‘Finals Giveaway’


Venmo has debuted its #VenmoU “Finals Giveaway” of $500,000, letting students earn money as they keep up their schooling, a press release said.

This comes as many students might miss opportunities to earn money through like part-time jobs or work study positions.

A study found that around two-thirds of college students work part time and 1 in 5 work around 30 hours a week.

Because of that, Venmo will offer students chances to win as much as $500, and one winner will get $10,000.

The release says students with Venmo accounts can enter by scanning the life-size QR code posted on campus, give a phone number and then enter themselves to win.

The release noted that Venmo is also working with musical artists Pink Sweat$, mxmtoon, Tai Verdes and Blu DeTiger, and will let students follow them on social media for updates on the contest.

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PYMNTS wrote that Venmo is among the methods patients in healthcare networks want to pay for care.

Patients reportedly want to pay for care in various ways. Venmo  was cited by 4% in the survey.

Two of the common points of friction are costs and payments. The concerns ranked second and third behind the most common, which is selecting the specific professional a patient wants to see. The report says 18% of the patients surveyed said this was an important difficulty, according to a PYMNTS survey.

The second most common friction that patients report is viewing invoices, setting up payment plans and making payments, with 16% saying that was a hard thing to do.

Meanwhile the third pain point is getting accurate cost estimates before appointments and procedures, with 15% of patients saying that was tough.