Weave Simplifies Healthcare Payments With New Scan to Pay Feature

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Weave, an all-in-one experience platform for small- to medium-sized healthcare practices, has introduced a new feature called Scan to Pay to its payment suite.

The addition aims to streamline the payment process for businesses and their customers by allowing transactions to be completed within seconds through a QR code scan, the company said in a Tuesday (Aug. 29) press release.

The Scan to Pay feature provides a “frictionless and secure experience for both providers and their clients and patients,” according to the release.

“By scanning the QR code generated by the provider from the Weave Mobile App, [patients] can quickly and securely [make payments] using their preferred payment method, such as digital wallets, payment plans, or by inputting credit card information,” the release said.

The new feature “underscores our dedication to leading in payment advancements and furnishing our customers with the means to process payments from anywhere, without a card or a payment terminal present,” Weave Chief Product and Technology Officer Branden Neish said in the release.

The Scan to Pay feature has also been designed with encryption technology to ensure that payment information is kept private throughout the transaction, per the release.

The use of digital methods to manage various aspects of healthcare is gaining traction across different demographic groups, including the 21% of consumers who find making healthcare payments difficult, according to PYMNTS research.

The “The Digital Platform Promise: How Patients Want to Streamline Healthcare Payments“ report also revealed that another 18% consider medical bills to be confusing “in ways that hampered efficient payment, with 13% unable to decipher the costs for specific services and 9% finding inconsistencies between the costs outlined on medical bill statements and those detailed within the online patient portal.”

The study noted that “we observed high levels of satisfaction among consumers who use digital portals for a variety of purposes related to their healthcare spending,” as 70% of those who paid outstanding balances through an online platform reported being highly satisfied with the experience, and 64% of those who viewed medical invoices and insurance payments through a digital portal said the same.