i2c Partners With Bento On Prepaid Business Debit Card Solution For Small Businesses

i2c, a global provider of smarter payments and integrated commerce solutions, has partnered with Bento for Business, the leading provider of expense management solutions for small businesses, on a prepaid card solution that will enable small business owners and their employees to efficiently control spending and manage expenses.

Small business owners will attest that managing employee expenses can be a time-consuming mess — and one that is prone to a variety of problems, including lost receipts, expense leaks and employee theft. In addition, distributing cash, credit cards or checks for business expenses carries risk and makes spending difficult to track and control.

According to a press release, the Bento prepaid employee expense card leverages i2c’s Agile Processing payments platform to provide such advanced features as integrated alerts, card-level restrictions and digital dashboards that provide high levels of visibility and real-time control over employee spending.

“Managing employee expenses is an important but time-consuming process for small business owners, whose time could be better spent focusing on growing their business,” said Farhan Ahmad, founder and CEO at Bento for Business. “Our partnership with i2c has allowed us to accelerate innovation. The i2c processing platform allows us to deliver a feature-rich expense card solution with all the tools and real-time controls to make administration easy.”

The Bento prepaid card allows small business owners to set limits on dollar amounts, as well as select specific spending categories where the card can be used, so that they can control employee spending. Unauthorized transactions are automatically declined, and cards can be switched on and off with a single click.

In addition, spending can be easily tracked and monitored through real-time interactive dashboards and two-way alerts, while employees can also track their receipts on their smartphones. This will avoid overspending and allow businesses to stay on budget.

“Bento for Business and i2c share a philosophy and culture of innovation, and the Bento card is proof of how innovative prepaid card solutions can make payments easier and more efficient,” commented i2c’s Founder and CEO Amir Wain. “The flexibility and reliability of i2c’s single, global platform enables Bento to give small businesses a full-circle expense solution that is easy for employees to use and simplifies an important part of their day-to-day operations.”