Oracle Boosts Firewall Security With Zenedge Acquisition

Oracle announced that it is in the process of acquiring Zenedge, a leader in cloud-based DDoS mitigation, WAF, API protection and bot management solutions.

While Oracle already allows its clients to run their projects in an enterprise-grade cloud, the addition of Zenedge will expand Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, as well as Oracle’s Domain Name System (DNS) capabilities.

“Customers demand enterprise-grade infrastructure to run their critical business systems in the cloud,” said Don Johnson, Senior Vice President of Product Development, Oracle. “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service delivers leading cloud services to address those needs. The combination with Zenedge equips Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with integrated, next-generation network and infrastructure security, to address modern security threats.”

Companies protect their systems from malicious attacks through Zenedge’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation products, which are powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Currently, more than 800,000 web properties and networks globally use Zenedge’s products.

Once the acquisition is complete, Oracle and Zenedge will allow customers to adopt cloud services while still maintaining performance, cost, control and security.

“Customers achieve tremendous results with Zenedge’s innovative WAF and DDoS mitigation products, from a 99% reduction in illicit website traffic to a 99.75% improvement in page load times,” said Yuri Frayman, CEO of Zenedge. “We could not be more enthusiastic about joining forces with the leader in enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, and delivering similar results to even more customers at scale.”

Just this week, Oracle also launched  Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications for ERP (enterprise resource planning), which enhances existing solutions in the enterprise via automation and can be applied to an array of processes, including procurement, financial management and order management.

The new apps use existing data from the Oracle Data Cloud to boost analytics capabilities, enabling chief financial officers to make better decisions.