DISH, DraftKings Partner On DVR Fantasy Sports Integration

DISH Network is working with DraftKings to make DraftKings’ fantasy sports experiences available to DISH customers, according to a press release.

The integration process will begin with the DraftKings app being put into DISH’s TV Hopper platform. Later, DraftKings sportsbooks and daily fantasy experiences will be available via DISH Network’s Sling TV and Boost Mobile.

DISH TV customers with internet connections will be able to access DraftKings’ app to view betting odds and fantasy contests. They’ll also be able to initiate bets or contest entries directly from their TVs, and then set recordings and watch the live sports that go with the bets or fantasy teams.

After a bet or fantasy contest entry is initiated, the customer will receive a text message through DraftKings-created technology to complete the transaction within the DraftKings app on their phone. After the launch, DISH TV customers will be able to access betting for NCAA basketball, NBA and NHL on Hopper. More services will come later, the release noted.

“Our deal with DISH TV and the technology behind it immerses customers within a next-generation viewership experience and reaches these fanbases in a completely new way,” said Paul Liberman, president of product and technology and co-founder at DraftKings. “This is a unique opportunity for fans to watch games and engage with our real-money products, while the technology also allows for further innovation ahead.”

DraftKings saw a rise in people interested in sports betting and online fantasy games during the pandemic as people were stuck inside, resulting in a bombshell fourth quarter and expectations of a possible $1 billion in revenues this year.

DraftKings said it had already entered two new markets this year in Michigan and Virginia. And the company has also added Tennessee as of Q4. CEO and Co-founder Jason Robins said on a company earnings call that he was “very confident” that online sports betting would keep growing.