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Amex Quick Chip Launches

American Express announced the launch of Quick Chip, a service designed to provide a faster route to process EMV chip card transactions at the POS.

Amex Quick Chip uses a technology that is said to help merchants provide their consumers with a frictionless and faster in-store checkout experience. For cardmembers who pay using their EMV-enabled chip cards, Amex Quick Chip is available for those merchant processors. The service is available through a software update for those merchants.

“Reducing friction for cardmembers and merchants is a key priority for American Express,” said Mike Matan, vice president of global network business for American Express. “Amex Quick Chip provides merchants operating in industries where fast checkout speed is critical with an option for ensuring cardmembers can quickly and efficiently pay for purchases with their EMV chip cards.”

Amex Quick Chip works with the technical standards used in Quick Chip services offered by other payment networks. As a result, processors can offer their merchants the ability to implement these solutions for all card brands.

Amex Quick Chip is currently available to processors, merchants and vendors in the U.S. Interested parties may download the Amex Quick Chip Technical Manual here.

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