Visa Checkout Adds Issuer-Friendly Feature To Checkout

Visa has rolled out a new feature for its Visa Checkout online digital payment option aimed at making mobile commerce more interactive and faster.

This option, referred to as a digital “swipe” button, enables shoppers to see a virtual image of their debit, credit or prepaid card on the screen when selecting the digital checkout option. This feature is designed to provide shoppers with a familiar commerce experience, especially when shopping on mobile devices.

Visa Checkout was launched in 2014, now has more than 11 million users and was designed to allow consumers to pay online, using any device, without being taken off a merchant’s app or site. Visa Checkout is in 16 countries around the world, and expansion to five European countries and India will take place by the end of 2016. The upgrade to the Visa Checkout button allows those consumers to swipe the button to the right and enter the password from there to authenticate the credentials.

“Visa Checkout’s new interactive button is yet another way we are designing the future of online checkout and delivering on our promise to bring the simplicity of the swipe to any device,” said Sam Shrauger, SVP of Visa’s digital solutions. “This new experience brings digital payments one step closer to the ease, trust and familiarity that consumers have long valued from Visa in the physical world.”

The button is available globally for merchants who want to offer a streamlined digital checkout experience, and Visa said it will offer this interactive button functionality to Visa Checkout merchants who ship goods in the coming months.

According to Visa, recent pilot tests show that customers who use the new button are twice as likely to convert a purchase. That is beyond the 86 percent conversion rate Visa claims that the Visa Checkout experience already provides for its merchants.

“This design-led innovation is proven to increase conversion, helping merchants reach new customers — especially millennials, who are increasingly using their mobile devices to make purchases,” Shrauger said.