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Amazon Expands Amazon Pay To France, Italy, Spain

Amazon, the eCommerce giant, is expanding its Amazon Pay into France, Italy and Spain.

According to a report, now customers in those countries will be able to pay for goods and services at merchants that accept Amazon Pay. The report noted that Amazon Pay could be appealing to customers because it can help reduce the time it takes to pay for goods and services by eliminating the need to remember passwords when buying online. It also removes the need to input the payment and shipping information since it is stores in the Amazon account of the customer. The report noted that all active Amazon account holders can use their Amazon login and password at the checkout.



Amazon Pay has more than 33 million customers around the world, with more than half of them also Prime members, noted the report. Amazon previously said its payment volume close to doubled last year with 32 percent of the Amazon Pay transactions being conducted on a mobile device.  What’s more, the report noted Amazon said the merchants accepting Amazon Pay increased more than 120 percent compared to 2015 as Amazon Pay was expanding into different sectors, including government payments, travel, insurance and charities among other things. Last month the eCommerce giant said the Pay with Amazon button was present on roughly 10 percent of the top eCommerce sites in the U.S., second only to PayPal (at 70 percent).

In an interview with PYMNTS Karen Webster, Patrick Gauthier, Amazon’s VP of external payments, said 33 million consumers from 170 countries are using Amazon Pay. Roughly half of those customers are members of Amazon’s coveted customer base: Amazon Prime. Nearly a third of the transactions made by those customers were done via a mobile device, with an average transaction size of $80.


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