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Amazon Taps Stripe to Power ‘Just Walk Out’ Payments in Australia, Canada

Stripe is now powering payments for retailers using Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology in Australia and Canada.

With Stripe Terminal and Stripe Connect enabling in-person payments for retailers using that technology, consumers can shop and then leave the store without having to wait in line to pay, the provider of financial infrastructure platform for businesses said in a Thursday (March 21) press release.

“The only thing better than a speedy checkout is no checkout at all,” Eileen O’Mara, chief revenue officer at Stripe, said in the release. “I’m thrilled that Stripe is powering Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology payments.”

Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology offers an experience in which shoppers use their credit card or mobile wallet at the entry gate when walking into the store, select the items they want, and leave without waiting in line to pay, according to the release.

The Just Walk Out technology detects what the shopper takes from or returns to the shelves, creates a virtual shopping session, and charges their chosen payment method when they have finished shopping, per the release.

With the implementation of this technology at retailers in Australia and Canada, Stripe Terminal’s WisePad3 reader collects the shopper’s credit card or mobile wallet details at the entry gate, and Stripe Connect route the payment from the shopper to the business, according to the release.

“With Stripe Terminal and Connect, merchants using Just Walk Out technology will benefit from the same reliability that ensures millions of successful transactions on Amazon,” O’Mara said in the release.

This deployment in Australia and Canada marks an expansion of the partnership between Stripe and Amazon that also includes Stripe serving as a strategic payments partner for Prime, Audible, Kindle, Amazon Pay and other Amazon businesses, per the release.

Stripe announced in January 2023 that Amazon planned to “significantly expand” its use of the company’s payment platform. The companies have worked together since 2017 when Amazon tapped Stripe to speed its market expansion in Europe and Asia and to support purchases during heavy shopping days such as Black Friday and its own Prime Day.

PYMNTS Intelligence has found that a significant portion of shoppers are open to the Just Walk Out-style payment method. Among consumers who use internet-connected devices on a day-to-day basis, 35% would be interested in a shopping experience in which they can buy items without having to stand in line to pay, according to the “How We Will Pay Report: Multitasking Consumers Want to Shop — and Work — at the Same Time.”