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Payroc Launches Cloud-Based Payment Solution for Independent Software Vendors

Payroc has introduced a PayByCloud solution aimed at simplifying omnichannel payment integrations for independent software vendors (ISVs).

This cloud-based solution eliminates the need for ISVs to invest heavily in payments integration, streamlining the process and reducing time and effort, the payments company said in a Tuesday (Jan. 16) press release.

“PayByCloud marks the pinnacle of integrated payments, making processing easier and more frictionless,” Casey Conley, chief product officer at Payroc, said in the release. “With a ‘low code’ semi-integrated approach and a cloud-based connection, PayByCloud eliminates the complexities of traditional integrations.”

By establishing a cloud-based connection between Payroc’s application hosted on a payment device and the Payroc gateway, PayByCloud enables Payroc partners to facilitate transactions more efficiently, according to the release.

PayByCloud, when combined with Payroc’s boarding, funding and reporting functionalities, allows ISVs to monetize payments within their platforms, the release said.

This new offering is designed to support a wide range of devices, including the recently launched Ingenico AXIUM line and the PAX A80, per the release. Payroc partners across the United States can use this cloud-based solution, while ISVs operating internationally in the United Kingdom can also leverage PayByCloud for seamless payment processing. Additionally, existing ISV partners will benefit from expanded hardware options for their card-present payment environments.

The new solution joins a range of sales enablement and merchant processing technology offered by Payroc, according to the press release.

“This launch marks another installment of Payroc’s technology development and its commitment to innovation,” the release said. “Payroc empowers its ISV partners to adapt to evolving customer needs and transform payments into profits.”

In an earlier development, Payroc said in August that it partnered with Ingenico to launch an unattended payment device called the Ingenico Self/3000 that is aimed at meeting growing demand in the self-service market. The device can be integrated into vending, car wash, electric vehicle charging and other self-service settings.

In May, a Payroc subsidiary acquired Atlantic Merchant Services, a provider of merchant processing solutions for businesses and organizations in the mid-Atlantic region. Payroc said at the time that the acquisition complements its growth strategy.