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Revel Systems, Shell Introduce New Cloud-Based Point-Of-Sale Platform

While some argue that the auto industry is peaking, the act of paying at the pump is about to change — digitally, that is. Currently, American households pumping gas rack up 42 million transactions per day. Possibly why Revel Systems and Shell Retail have paired up to streamline that activity.

Revel Systems and Shell Retail have buckled up to implement Revel’s iPad-based point-of-sale system for selected retail fuel sites.

Revel’s system is a solution for single and multi-location businesses to help keep business owners and operators on top of payment and accounting methods. Using its native cloud platform and open API business model, Revel will integrate with numerous Shell vendors and partners. Real-time data reporting and modern hardware provides instant and continuous business insight with the help of a mobile system.

Revel Systems believes it has created a unique platform that is scalable to businesses such as Shell.

“Fuel retail is one of the largest retail industries in the world, and due to its level of complexity and scale of deployments, many of these companies are forced to evolve at a slower rate,” said Lisa Falzone, cofounder and CEO of Revel Systems.

The new Revel platform will allow select Shell-related businesses to manage inventory using an iPad or remotely, develop customer loyalty programs and provide secure payment options on and offline. Ultimately, Revel said it seeks to build infrastructure to help centrally manage the fuel stations and adjoining markets more efficiently and effectively and bring customers back for another fill-up.

“With Revel Systems, we are implementing new tablets and payment options that are easy to use, innovative and will improve the customer experience so that customers keep coming back to Shell,” said Maggie Van’T Hoff, CIO of Shell Retail.

Shell is not the first business that Revel Systems has worked with to implement this technology. More than 25,000 terminals have been developed for other customers.



Social distancing has changed eCommerce from a ‘want to have’ to a ‘must have’ for businesses, yet retailers could struggle to create convenient payment and refund experiences for their apps and websites, says Abdul Raof Latiff, head of DBS Bank’s digital institutional banking group. In the April 2020 B2B API Tracker, Latiff explains how banks can provide a timely assist via application programming interfaces (APIs) that integrate payments into those eCommerce platforms.

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