Hormel Selling Bacon Via VR

Now for some virtual reality news that every carnivore can get excited for.

Late last month, consumer packaged goods company Hormel launched a VR marketing campaign for its selection of bacon products. The VR experience was created in conjunction with marketing agencies BBDO Minneapolis and Made in Haus.

Branded as “The Black Market” (Hormel brands its bacon as “black-label”), users can access the experience on their computer. However, for the full interactive experience, they’ll need an iPhone or Android and a Google Cardboard VR viewer.

Users will be able to interact with different games and videos that ultimately lead to a checkout page. This move is Hormel’s first endeavor into eCommerce, and it’s using the VR experience as a way to experiment with selling directly to customers. Hormel will be tracking user participation and resulting sales on the VR platform and is promoting the program on social media.

No word yet on whether or not smell-o-vision will be incorporated into the campaign — though, doing so would surely drive an additional boost in bacon sales.

Will this VR tactic work out for Hormel? Well, a wise chef once said that you eat with your eyes first…

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