Dollar General Launches Shopping App For Self-Checkout

Dollar General’s new mobile app allows shoppers to use their smartphones to scan and pay for items in the store.

According to news from Chain Store Age, the discount chain’s DG Go! app allows customers to use their phones to scan items as they shop and check out directly through the app.

The app, which was released in May, is available in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play. It is being tested in 10 stores in Nashville, with plans to eventually expand the service to another 100 stores, Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos said during the company’s earnings call last month.

After downloading the app, shoppers simply scan the items they want. Digital coupons are automatically applied directly in the app, and shoppers will also receive savings alerts as they shop in the store. The app keeps a running total of the order, and users can pay directly by scanning a QR code at a dedicated checkout tablet at the front of the store.

Customers bag items at the checkout station, and the final receipt is immediately available in the app. Customers can also be sent the receipt via email.

“As we continue to develop this app, we intend to integrate more functionality to deliver an even more personalized shopping experience,” Vasos added.

The launch comes as the store is planning an expansion with a focus on rural American. The Tennessee-based discount goods chain will be adding nearly 900 new stores to its existing 14,000-store roster this year.

Dollar General has managed same-store sales growth for an impressive 27-year streak and has pushed its market cap to $25.1 billion. That makes the company larger than Kroger, the nation’s largest grocery store chain. Dollar General focuses on opening stores in rural and exurban areas — locations outside the range of Walmart and other larger players. In recent years, the company has also tried its hand at urban expansion with locations in New York City and Chicago.